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January 4, 2021

Welcome to Komodity (pronounced Com-mod-i-ty)

Launching something new and authentic to the core of your DNA is something that many companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs often times struggle with.  When we were launching Komodity we faced the same challenge.  We asked ourselves, "Who are we?  What are we passionate about?  Where are we headed?  What value do we bring and to whom?  What big problems can we solve?, and How do we want to feel after we've executed on it all?  These questions led us to create our core service offerings.  With Komodity, we were able to bring together our experiences, vision, and passion for impact all in one place.

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought it all together.

The beginning of the pandemic left many businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, and families in the US holding on for dear life...and just like many of those entrepreneurs I found myself in the same boat.  Then I got an offer to CoFound a traveling non-profit that gave away free PPE and supplies to underserved communities around the country. I already had supply chain contacts and relationships for masks and other supplies, so it was a good fit, plus being involved allowed me to continue to do what I always enjoyed...making an impact.  Not too long after our first city event, city officials and private companies began to ask how they could actually purchase these much needed PPE supplies as they were really hard to come by. This was a catalyst and the first BIG problem that started our journey to creating Komodity.

We've since grown from just providing PPE and other medical supplies to leveraging our network of capital investors for Private Equity investing, love for Technology, background in business growth strategies, and our Supply Chain and Sourcing network to continue to do what we love to do...solve BIG real world problems while making an impact.

Our primary focus at this time is still solving supply chain and sourcing problems as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and it will be for a few months going into 2021.  However, we are eager to begin making investments in the sectors which help create economic growth for U.S. job creation and great ROI opportunities for our capital partners.

We're really excited to have you here.  Keep following our journey.

-Terry, Founder at Komodity

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21255 Burbank Blvd, Suite 120
Woodland Hills, CA 91367